Sunday, July 11, 2010

So it begins..........

Well folks after a week of waiting with baited breath for the postie to arrive, well when I haven't been stuck at work that is, all the modelling bits and airsoft bits I've been waiting on have finally arrived! YAY!

The Airsoft bits were the first to arrive and once I've finished the alterations to my M249 I will make sure that they are fitted then get some pics up for you all later in the week.

On to the modelling and painting bits! Other then new books these have been my first purchases of models and paints in well over a year. I dug out my old paints and bitz and found that it had all either dried up (apart from a couple of pots) or I had traded it away, so I set out on the task of restocking and getting enough models to tie me over until next month. In the end i ended up ordering:
  • A Bucket load of paint
  • Couple of varnishes
  • Some paint palettes
  • 5 snap together Cadians for test models
  • A box of 5 Space Marines for some test models
  • 20 Marine shoulder pads for casting pads on to (Thanks to imcdonnell on Dakkadakka for giving them to me for free).
Once all this lot arrived in its various dribs and drabs I was a happy bunny, though admittedly I did spend my first day off having a very interesting day out at a local music festival. To be fair though it was worth it and it was definitely a great way to spend the afternoon with the other half! So once I got home and unpacked everything I was confronted with this little lot:

I know it doesn't look too much but considering other then books I haven't spent a penny on 40k stuff for a long time its a vast amount of stuff for me. Well now that lots arrived I have a lot of things planned and now realise I need to buy some important things, like the Guard and Marine codexes, still lots planned over the next few weeks when I can slot things in around work and the real world! So as a brief run down and to help me remember here's a list of whats coming up:

  • Mentor Legion Test model

  • Red Hunters Test model

  • Guardsman Test model

  • Storm Trooper Test model (using guardsman)

  • Inquisitional Storm Trooper Test model 1

  • Inquisitional Storm Trooper Test model 2
So as you can see lots planned and over the next few weeks there will be a couple of polls appearing on the blog for some important decisions, and as always any feedback, help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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