Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog News - Upcoming Blog Posting Issues - There is a reason! + Blog Roll News

Blog Posting Issues
Apologies in advance but as I'm sure you've worked out from the title that this week I be posting a lot less than normal, this is due to having one of these:

As I'm sure you've worked out from that but just to let you know that this week I have the family visiting so when I'm not stuck in work the majority of my spare time will be dedicated to them. I know this will result in a lower than average post rate this week but it will be back to "relatively" normal soon.

Weekly posts such as Mondays Mirthful Meanderings and Fridays 5 Finds (though this one may be difficult if I don't get much time on the t'interwebs) should be uninterrupted however anything else is subject to the usual caveats.

Blog Roll News
To make up for being away the Blog Roll sections on the right hand side have now been updated with new gaming related blogs. Broken down in to three sections in alphabetical order (+-F, G-P and Q-Z), there are now just over 200 blogs listed there to help keep you entertained and introduce you to something new. I hope you enjoy them and get a chance to see something new, I know I have.

apologies to all and back soon I hope.

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