Sunday, July 18, 2010

Questions, Questions, Questions & Some News!!

well folks after sorting out my models, paints, supplies and workspace over the last month I've now come to the stage where I need to sort out rules and project requests and more purchases. So tonight's post is a post of at least two parts, so lets begin!

The first part is nice and simple, as I'm building two forces I need to pick up the codex for each force! Now as I'm planning Guard and Marines it could be expensive but now that the allies I was planning, witch hunters and daemon hunters, now have their codexes available as PDF this makes things a lot cheaper. So come payday this month I will pick up the first codex of the two and a unit from that codex, and then next month I will pick up the other. So the question to you, and one you can vote on on the right hand side, is:

Which Codex should I get on payday?

Nice and simple choice, so please help me out and cast your vote. Then later in the month once the votes are in I will reveal the results and then ask for suggestions on a unit to pick up at the same time!

Second thing is not so simple but is quick to ask, does anyone know any UK or USA based casters that would be able to cast full figures in resin or metal? I'm only looking for 20 or so but no one I have contacted so far as been prepared to work on such a "small" project. Failing that does anyone know any good cheap UK based sellers of rubber mould materials and resin?

Finally keep your eyes out over the next few days for some new regular features such as Blog News, Hobby News, Mondays Mirthful Meanderings, Fridays Five Finds and also the addition of Keywords to posts to allow for quick and easy searching within the blog.

All the best and enjoy your weekends!


Anonymous said...

Ultramarines all the way!

Capn Stoogey.

Millest said...

cheers for the feedback, little late but its the thought that counts :D

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