Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog News: Payday Poll Results

Morning Folks,
just a quick post here due to work and life, seems the results for the Codex vote have come in today and the results are actually quite surprising to me.

The winner of the vote is:

I must say given the number of Space Marine players and fans out there I was expecting a run away win for the Space Marine book, however the results clearly show that the Imperial Guard fan boys were out in force! The end results were 20 votes cast, with 16 for the IG book and only 4 for the SM book.
A big surprise but exciting and interesting for me. Time for me to get on and order the book, if only I could decide which unit to pick up along side it now :)

Thanks to all that voted in the poll.


Col. Hessler said...

I'm looking forward to this. You've done some nice conversion for the IG. Now it's time to spread out the love to an entire army.


Millest said...

Thanks for the comment, I was secretly pleased the ig won. Let's hole when it comes to picking the first bits up the eBay gods are smiling!
As for the converting thanks for the praise but I only hope I can get the level of detail to expand to a whole force but most importantly I hope my mediocre at best painting skills hold up to the challenge.

Thanks fir visiting and commenting

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