Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 30.07.10

Week two of the series and this week we go from Skaven War machines through the Imperial Guard and on to some Art work!

I have had a very quiet week but I have managed to find some very interesting bits and pieces. I also managed to find 2 very good links on the Games Workshop Official Blog, which is unusual in itself!

So here are this weeks Friday 5 Finds:
  1. An excellent post over on Blood of Kittens by TASTYTASTE looking at the Artwork of Dave Gallagher, an excellent way to spend 5 minutes.
  2. An awesome looking Doom wheel posted by Rasputin over on Warpstone Pile
  3. More Cadian 501st updates over at First Rank, Second Rank by Col_Festus, just hope mine turn out as well!
  4. The First of the GW Blog links showing some very interesting conversions for the Ultramarines by Mat Murphy-Kane posted up by Andy.
  5. The Second GW Blog link, again posted by Andy, showing a rather nice looking, and well converted, Reaver Titan
Enjoy folks!

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