Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting Update: The Test Model Disappointments - Workshop Woes!

Finally got round to opening up my box of Space Marines and my Snap-Together Imperial Guard last night after work and unfortunately I have decided I had to post as I was a little shocked at the quality of the models! I was originally going to leave this post until I had made some progress on the test models and could show you some progress on that. As I say though I really was disappointed with the models, so lets have a look at them.

Initial impressions as they stand now the models aren't too bad but I was extremely disappointed with the fit, I knew they would never be perfect but given the gaps between the gun arms and the body as well as between the holding hand and the arm was vast. In the end some serious bending, gluing, filing and hacking was needed to get them this presentable!

but wait it gets worse.......

This is the final stage I managed to get my Marines too! That's right this is the best I could get my marines, there was a serious mismatch between the front and back of the moulds for these with a misalignment of roughly 1mm all round the model! The mould lines are amazingly bad. not to mention there were some serious problems with the models as a whole, these two were put together using the best parts I could find from a box of 5 marines!

Whilst I appreciate sometimes models can be difficult to put together I really wasn't expecting worse quality control on Games Workshops "main stay" products than you get from Forge world. I am annoyed that this is the state of their current moulds and just prey this is a one off incident and not the shape of things to come.

I suppose the only saving grace in this case is that these models are destined to be Test models and just glorified palettes for my ideas rather than actual table top figures.

Please if you have any thoughts on this or have had similar issues please post them and let me know just so I know what I will be facing!


Marcus said...

I've previously picked up the same box of snap together IG, just to provide some spare bodies and make changing units around easier. I didn't have the problem you mentioned, once completed you can't tell them from the regular IG. Seems like you may have got a bad batch for both.

The saving grace may be that people only ever seem to have positive things to say about GW customer service so you should have no problem getting them replaced.

RonSaikowski said...

I haven't used the snap together stuff that much myself so I haven't had this problem as bad as you seem to.
But, I will say that some stuff has arrived in bad shape and needed some considerable work to get it cleaned up before.

Drop me an email when you get a chance, I've got a question for you.

Millest said...

i would take them back but to be honest the hassle of getting to the store, parked etc isnt worth it for something thats gonna be test runs and "bitz".

i guess ive just got unlucky with two batches. mind you seeing all the new FW stuff lined up its probbably not like ill be using much in the way of standard stuff.

cheers for the feedback guys and letting me know im not 100% alone on here :)

ron - email emailed!

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