Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Entry 3

Details of entry 3 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Guido
Model Details: I made this model quite some time ago when dark vengeance came out, the idea was to make him my death wing librarian, but I gave up my dark angel project and decided to make a blood angel terminator force using dark angel rules
But enough with the introduction, the model uses some chaos terminator bitz ( legs, torso) black reach captain front torso, grey knight arms and some green stuff.
I'm planning on redoing the base and, against better judgement, including a slain demon on the base to justify the librarians upper body position. The shoulder pads are a difficult choice that I can't seem to handle, so if you've got suggestions ...
I'm looking forward to this challenge, and hope it boosts my own blog
I haven't posted over there for a while, and I'll be using this to start up again.

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