Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is this the end of the World? not quite but feels like it!

Well folks, the point that comes to many of us hobbyists has come to me! It is the end of the world! well ok maybe not but it feels close to it.

After quite a lot of deliberation I have decided that for me things are getting too costly at present, this doesnt mean I am leaving the hobby, in fact I have way too much invested in my Guard Army to give in but hard decisions had to be made.

With my wedding swiftly approaching I have taken the very hard choice and have decided to clear out many of my books, cheifly my Forgeworld books and my many rulebooks, to try and raise some funds towards my wedding. This has being doubley hard as not only are the books a great sorce of fluff but most of them are signed by the authors. However when it was a choice between having all these books sat there or actually raising some money to contribute to my wedding and honeymoon the choice was easy.

As a result I have begun to list my Forgeworld books, rulebooks, graphic novels and some Black Library stuff on ebay and I have added a few Limited Edition figures, with some that I may decide to sell at a future date (such as the 40k 25th diorama and the GW 25th Emperors Champion amongst others) depending what I can raise from my books. So if you would like to help a fellow hobbyist out and want to get some nice books at the same time please feel free to check my listings out here:
If that doesnt work my listings can be found here:
Thank you for reading this and if you decide there is anything you are interested in please bid or drop me a line.

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