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Forge World Newsletter #338 - Necron Emplacements, Fulgrim Model and Davinite lodge priest

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there, This week we turn our attention back to the Necrons of the sinister Maynarkh Dynasty, with two more fantastic new kits available to pre-order now. We’ve also got some exciting events news, concerning the Horus Heresy Weekender.
Necron Sentry Pylons
The stasis-tombs of the Necrons are vast and shadowy edifices, and many an Imperial Explorator expedition has made planetfall on a dead world only to vanish without trace; slain at the hands of the unliving guardian-constructs that watch over their slumbering masters.
Among these defences are automated weapons platforms of strange design known as Pylons. Some of these are huge, cyclopean constructs, but Imperial logisticians have codified smaller, tactical variants as Sentry Pylons. These powerful devices are arcs of glittering metal equipped with a weapons array that can strike with power so great as to be almost beyond comprehension. Some are outfitted with Heat Cannons; thermal energy weapons of extraordinary power, others bear Focussed Death Rays, which emit coruscating beams of force that can slice through ranks of infantry and armoured war machines with contemptuous ease.
Stuart Williamson has designed two more Sentry Pylons, armed with a Heat Cannon and a Focussed Death Ray respectively. Each is a multi-part resin kit that stands almost 6" (150mm) tall, and these two Sentry Pylons are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 10th May. The Sentry Pylon’s cruciform arc profile is packed with detail, making each a fantastic painting project as well as a potent battlefield unit. These two new options can be fielded in artillery units alongside the Sentry Pylon with Gauss Exterminator. Full rules for all our new Necron kits can be found in Imperial Armour Volume Twelve – The Fall of Orpheus.
Forge World Events News
Horus Heresy Weekender 2013 Exclusives and Pre-releases Unveiled

As you may have seen in a newsletter earlier this week, we’ve unveiled two of the exciting releases that we’ll have available at the Forge World and Black Library Horus Heresy Weekender. If you missed it, here’s a couple more pictures:

Fulgrim the Illuminator, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children
The second Primarch to receive a jaw-dropping model and the third of Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series is Fulgrim. Simon Egan’s incredible miniature depicts the Master of the Emperor’s Children in the thick of furious combat, and Weekender attendees will be the first in the world to get their hands on him.
Fulgrim the Illuminator Primarch of the Emperor's Children
Event Only Davinite Lodge Priest
A third addition to our range of 2013 Event Only models is Mark Bedford’s Davinite Serpent Lodge Priest. This detailed miniature will be available for the first time at the Horus Heresy Weekender.

Horus Heresy Weekender Reservation Orders
If you’ve got your tickets for the Horus Heresy Weekender (and there's not many left if you haven’t), we are still accepting reservation orders for this event. This is the best way to ensure we have the exact product you want, packed up and waiting for you at the show. Our sales stand will primarily be carrying the Forge World Horus Heresy range of miniatures and books, but you can reserve any Forge World or Warhammer Forge models that you wish.
As with all our UK shows, Horus Heresy Weekender reservation orders are pre-paid to make the collection process quicker and easier, leaving you with more time to enjoy the rest of the event.
Please telephone the Customer Service team on 0115 900 4995 to place a reservation order. We will require your name, a contact telephone number and e-mail address, along with the list of products you wish to reserve, and you will also need your card details to hand too. We’ll process the payment while you are on the phone, and in the week before the event you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail containing your order number. This is your proof of payment and you must bring this e-mail with you to claim your order. We must receive Horus Heresy Weekender reservations by Monday 13th May

nice to see someone other than marines get some love this month with the release of the necron bits, though why they couldnt make one model with two options i dont know instead of making people buy two kits.
As for the Fulgrim model and the priest they look awesome, im gutted i cant make it as i really want a copy of imperial truth, the new novel, if anyone is off and can help out please drop me a line :)

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