Friday, May 31, 2013

Forge World Newsletter #346 - Legion Praetors and Luna Wolves Brass and Transfers

As always all the important bits below:

Horus Heresy
Hi there, We return to the Horus Heresy in today’s newsletter with the release of a fantastic Space Marine character set and new sets of Legion etched brass symbols and decals, all available to order now for immediate despatch.
Legion Praetors in Power Armour and Terminator Armour
Praetors are the mightiest warriors and battle-leaders of the Legiones Astartes, second only to the godlike Primarchs in their martial skill and generalship. Each is a vastly experienced warrior and warlord, unique in character, who has writ a legend for themselves in blood and slaughter.

These lords of the Imperium possess a panoply of the finest weapons and armour known to humanity and hold the power of life and death over worlds, with direct control over entire war fleets and great armies. In their ranks can be found Chapter Masters and Lord Commanders, Khans, Tribunes and First Captains as the traditions of the Legions dictate; regardless of title each is a master of war, and each has conquered worlds unnumbered in the glory of the Great Crusade.
The Legion Praetors set contains two incredibly detailed multi-part resin models, designed by Edgar Skomorowski. One Praetor is clad in artificer-modified Cataphractii armour, armed with an ornate paragon blade power sword and a Volkite Charger, while the other wears ornate artificer-modified MkIII ‘Iron’ armour and carries a fantastically-detailed archaeotech pistol, as well as a mighty paragon blade power sword. These two characters are fully compatible with Forge World’s Terminator and MkIV weapon sets, allowing for a great variety of wargear options. This character set is available to order now for immediate despatch.
Luna Wolves Legion Decals and Etched Brass
Designed by Paul Rudge and packed with Legion-specific heraldry, blazons and squad insignia, these new sheets of Luna Wolves Legion Transfers and Etched Brass symbols contain a variety of differently sized symbols for use with our vehicles and infantry kits. These symbols and decals are available to order now for immediate despatch.

Thanks, Ead Brown Customer Service Manager Forge World
again another great newsletter where HH fans are not disappointed. I love the Praetor models and see a strong resemblance between the Powered Armour version and the artwork we have seen of Garro. Just glad they decided to call it a Praetor and not release it as Garro and charge us £30 for just the one model.  

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