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Forge World Newsflash - Praetor Sneak Peek and Weekender Details

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Horus Heresy
 Hi there, As you read this, we’ll be busy transforming the Nottingham Belfry Hotel into a Horus Heresy sanctum. In the meantime, we’ve got a few snippets to reveal in today’s newsflash about the event, as well as news of a Horus Heresy gaming weekend which will be held at Warhammer World later this year.
The Ultimate Horus Heresy Getaway is Almost Upon Us
This weekend, Forge World, Black Library and hundreds of Horus Heresy fans will descend upon the Nottingham Belfry Hotel for the Horus Heresy Weekender.

Please note that all tickets for this event have now sold out.
Not only will the new Event Only Davinite Serpent Lodge Priest model be available for the first time, but Weekender attendees will also have the first opportunity in the world to buy our second incredible Primarch miniature. This is the third of our collectable Horus Heresy Character Series: Simon Egan’s incredible Fulgrim the Illuminator, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children Legion.
We also expect to have small numbers of Edgar Skomorowski’s detailed Praetor Set (pictured left), and Stuart Williamson’s imposing Legion Glaive Super-Heavy Tank on sale at the event.
Around the venue, you’ll also see twenty fantastic Legion art prints, such as the one pictured left. These 200cm x 80cm prints have been exclusively produced for the Weekender, all eighteen Legions are represented (some more than once) and each is available to buy (stand not included).

We’ve also got some more fantastic event only items up our sleeves, including Loyalist and Traitor Legion posters, four different designs of Horus Heresy t-shirts and if that weren’t enough, every attendee will receive an exclusive Weekender backpack.
With seminars, Q&A’s, art showcases, signings, modelling and painting demos, open gaming and participation games, there’s almost too much to do on each day – not to mention the Horus Heresy Pub Quiz and the Zone Mortalis Last Man Standing challenge on Saturday evening.
We’re also excited to announce that Alan Bligh will be hosting an exclusive Author Death Match in the Practice Cages on Saturday afternoon, when Black Library’s John French and Aaron Dembski-Bowden take to the field of battle to play the exclusive scenario you’ll find in your programme. This is a face-off that’s not to be missed!

Horus Heresy Weekender Reservation Orders
If you’ve placed a reservation order for the Horus Heresy Weekender, you’ll now have received your confirmation e-mail. You must bring a copy of this with you to collect your order, as it is your proof of payment. Reservation orders will be available for collection from the Sales stand after 12:00 on Saturday, and we look forward to seeing you there. 
Warhammer World Horus Heresy Betrayal Gaming Weekend – 24th-25th August
This weekend is quite unlike any other, where for the first time you can bring legendary heroes like Garviel Loken or even Primarchs such as Horus the Warmaster to battle. You will experience the opening parts of Horus’ ambitions to overthrow the Emperor and set the galaxy ablaze.
Over the weekend, you’ll play four games recreating the exciting and tense battles covered in Forge World’s The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal. You will use the Legiones Astartes army list and appendices, allowing you to field exotic weaponry, titanic war machines and unyielding Primarchs across three games on Saturday and Sunday, culminating in a massive Doubles game on Sunday afternoon. Your ticket includes lunch on both days, plus an evening meal on the Saturday, followed by a Heresy-themed quiz.
Also on the Saturday, Black Library will be joining us to showcase their millions-selling Horus Heresy books. We can also announce that on the Sunday, the author of Betrayal, Alan Bligh will be in attendance, giving you the opportunity to have your Horus Heresy tomes signed and talk about the finer points of the book.
So, Legionary, will you fight for the Emperor of Mankind or the Warmaster Horus? Tickets are available now.
Ead Brown
Customer Service Manager
Forge World

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