Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers - Week 14-1 - Challenge News!

Hi folks,
the first update of this week is slightly different to the normal first post. This week we have some information on dates, formats and other exciting stuffs!

First up, Dates! As many of you are aware the 500pt challenge should have ended at the start of June, this unfortunately was not possible to a number of factors, however we now have a completion date. The final completed army shots will be published on or around the 15th of July, this will comprise of a post for each member giving you a shot of the force and their fluff. After this we will then have a complete round up of each force with a few days between each followed finally in early august with the opportunity to vote for your favourite looking army. Personally I'm looking forward to this as we will also hopefully get some battle reports up too.

Next up the format and regularity of updates are changing. At present it seems the weekly updates where 2 members are group together are getting too big, so instead I am looking to publish the following:
  • individual update posts for each gamer as they come in on the deadline
  • a weekly roundup linking to all that weeks updates and detailing an other details such as the Dead Model Count.
Hopefully that format will make things easier to follow and will mean we can have more pics etc for the guys and give you all more to look at. Any thoughts or feedback please let me know.

Finally, A Tale of Four Gamers has grown again!
That's right we have another member and we have now evolved to A Tale of Five Gamers. The newest member of the challenge is Rich, a friend of Chris will be joining us this week with his Chaos Space Marines and is hoping to stay this through to the ultimate completion of this and some of the other challenges planned.
So please all join me in welcoming Rich to the challenge and hopefully we'll get a lot more action.

Thanks for reading guys and gals and keep any eye out this weekend for the Week 14 updates and roundup.

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