Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 14-4 - Rich's Chaos Space Marine Introduction

Rich's Week 14 Update

Hello! and welcome, my name is Richard. Oh my god. Its taken me two months to be able to write this. I have been playing fantasy for about 6 years and 40k for only 2 (many years ago) my armies have been elder, dark elder and Templars. I am now a fan of the Necromunda and Bloodbowl games. I am friends with chris and he is the one responsible for making me buy Gw products when I vowed never to again as they got too expensive.... But no sooner do I join I find that they have just put the price up again, typical :) but rant over.

Today I will be representing the dark gods of chaos with a deamon influenced word bearers army.

I'm a little worried about how good my painting will be so too all those reading, please be kind it's been about six years since a picked up a paint brush :s

I have pretty much gone for the standard chaos battalion box set. (well it's a start!) can you imagine he shock on my face when you look at how many models you will be fielding for 500pts, answer is not many as you can see from my current challenge list, also to combat the excessive points cost I have been allowed to use a Champion as a leader, much in the way Dan has with his Vet Serg in his Imperial Dogs... I mean Marines.

I've also included an example of the paint scheme and how it might look on the army I will be fielding, i know they arent great pics but they give you an idea until i can sort more pictures this next week.
(for some reason these pics wont rotate on the blog)

The story's and fluff for the forece are not quite complete but be certain they will be in next weeks blog so can I just say that it's great to be part of this so thank you to letting me join and I lookforward to meeting you all :)

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