Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Tale of Five Gamers - Week 14-5 - Millest's Imperial Guard Update

Millest's Week 14 Update

Well once again an eventful week, the challenge grows both in number of memebers and in models progressing. This week in and out of being in the office way too much I've managed to get a base coat on my vehicles and finish some external detailing as see here

As well as playing with these beasties I've also completed the basing and posing of my Autocannon teams, and with the rest of the force i have begun the process of painting them. Still a long way off with these but here are the Autocannon teams to give you an idea of the progress on the rest of the force.

In addition to these guys i felt like i would like to do something different with the cloaks of my Vet Serg and his Squad leader, whilst thinking about it i came up with these patterns:

As you can see not bad looking but I'm not sure ive done it justice or if the cloaks look good, im not 100% with the kneeling guys cloak but cant really see how to improve it. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be great.

Finally im asking for more thoughts and ideas, i recently decided to differenciate the Vets from the normal squads by giving them camo jackets and helmets. I tried replicating the children of men pattern i was looking to do and whilst the patterns for the tanks will work well it doesent translate to small bodies well, instead i reached a compromise and came up with the following pics:

whilst the white dots are massive, these will be smaller when i get a smaller brush, i think that with the black lines and grey dots makes the pattern work. its subtle but definately there. The idea for this was taken from here:
however appears the black lines havent come out so well on my pics :( Any thoughts on alternatives or how i could improve the pattern would be much appreciated.

Well folks thats mine for the week so enjoy and any assistance would be great.

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