Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers - Week 13-1 - A Solitary Update!

Millest's Week 13 Update

So time for another update, this week though its just me!! Nothing from the other guys, I know their busy but not even excuses for the most part. oh how the might have fallen!
Still on with my update, not a lot of action as this week I have been concentrating on the interior of the Medusa. First time I have really used a brush in anger (test models don't really count do they?) and I must say I'm pleased with the results and the new GW washes. So with out too much hassle here is the interior for the Medusa:

As you can see I have decided on a weathered and worn look but keeping it uncluttered. I liked the effect the washes have given and all it leave me to do now is fix the back of the engine bay and fill the gaps.
Hopefully more Guard action next week.

Chris' Week 13 Update
Hello all. Apologies for the utter lack of anything new for several weeks. I’m sure you’re as sick of seeing unpainted, half assembled Tau as I am. Good news though... my paints have arrived and painting has commenced!

I began by bluetacking any parts of the model I didn’t want to get paint on (ie arm/head joints) and undercoated in skull white. The cloth areas were then heavily washed with Gryphon Sepia followed by a highlight of Bleached Bone. I’m happy with the result but may add a very light dry brush of skull white further down the line if I feel they look too dark.

The bases were painted Adeptus Battlegrey and given a wash of Badab Black. The effect wasn’t as obvious as the clothing, I think due to a combination of using two dark colours, and me not being as liberal with the black as I should have been. I then drybrushed with Battlegrey followed by Codex Grey.

Disaster struck when I was painting the base for my broadside. I was unknowingly putting a little pressure on the model as I held it to paint, and snapped it at the ankles :O It wasn’t much pressure, but then the ankles are delicate so serves me right for getting overly enthusiastic about painting. I’ll super glue it back together but if that doesn’t hold, I’ll have to pin it. What a pleb.

The next step in my painting is mixing Regal Blue and Dark Angel Green to get a dark turquoise I will use to shade the lines in the armour and weapons. After that it’s the solid Hawk Turquoise and a highlight. Hopefully I’ll have a complete (or almost complete) squad to show you all next week. We need some more models as Jono’s getting cocky that he’s the only one with finished miniatures...

(Nobody likes a smug Jono)

All Other TOFG Updates!
Erm, Nada! I believe Dan is on holiday this weekend (though hasn't been during the week) but as to the others still nothing, well at least the model counts going up in one area :) however this weeks dead model count is up to you guys, should I let them off them or should they all get one for not updating?

Challenge No Submission Casualty List

Here are the current number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates! However its up to you if they all get another one added to the list for this weeks lack of submission!
  • Chris - 2 models
  • Jono - 1 model
  • Dave - 0 models
  • Dan - 0 models
As always comments and thoughts are appreciated, as is your decision on who should get a model penalty!

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Dead models all round :P

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