Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers - Week 11-1 - Disappointing Updates!

Dave's Week 11 Update

Once again no pictures from me, alas the Camera saga continues, however importantly the fecking thing is now in the post! Yay! Still fighting the Medusa but it is definately coming on. more painting and all being well some pics for week 12 :)
Chris' Week 11 Update

Again still waiting on paints but Chris has bit the bullet and is due to get something sorted, I belive Maelstrom have sent the paints again and soon action can start again.

Jono's Week 11 Update

Nothing - havent heard from him in respect to an update (despite reminders) and as such our own little motormouth and painting factory has gone quite, unfortuately though this means one dead model from Jono :D

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