Friday, June 10, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers - Week 12-1 - Marine and Guard Updates!

Dan's Week 12 Update

Hello again,

Firstly news...I can confirm that the predator and devestator squad arrived at the end of last week. Since then I have also purchased 2 bikes.

Moving on to modelling...this week I have completed building my entire 500pt army! Hurrah I hear you cry. As previously mentioned I have used the heavy bolter and multi-melta from the dev squad for my heavy weapon options in the tac squads. Pic below

To fill out the rest of my 2nd tac squad I have recycled some old SM minis, fortunately these are not the older models so fit in pretty well after a bit of refurbishing. That was a fortunate bit of news. Picture below

Now that completes my army for this challenge, pic below. Now it's time to turn my attention to prime and paint. I would have liked to moved on to this stage in some part this week but alas it's not so.Hopefully this week moving forward I will have some time where I'm not out and about or at work.

Dave's Week 12 Update

Well folks it is finally back and in my possession, yes that's right the camera is back! OK so the box looks like a rugby team has been practising with it but its here and it works! So with that in mind time for some little updates, not much to start with just an update on progress across the force. As you can see from the two pics below despite the issues early on the pics show that the repaint is coming on well and everything (apart from Lok) is getting on for 50% completed :D

In the time between camera and no camera I have been trying to sort my Medusa (repping a Griffon) out and sort any build issues with it, of which there were a few, however as you can see from below there is a stupid arse gap between the top armoured compartment

As you can see quite a massive gap and how to fill it neatly will be fun but no doubt I'll manage it, I'm just very disappointed a £50 model has that on it and the response is in this case "their all like that as the moulds getting old". Still onwards and upwards for next weeks up date so keep your eyes peeled.

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