Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - Week 9 - A tale of Progress and Woe!

Chris' Week 9 Update

Well folks its been another week of baited breath but still no sight of the paints I've ordered!! It's now been three weeks and unfortunately for the first time Maelstrom have let me down, and they've done it big time.

Still since the last post I have now based everything ready for painting (well apart from arms and pads so I can get details) and am now ready for priming - should it ever arrive, here's a quick pic or two:

I have also spent some time rectifying the problems with my Forgeworld Crisis suit and he too is ready to go and should be primed when it arrives:

Jono's Week 9 Update

Hi All,

A good bit of time away from my ravings, but alas, for those that are interested, here is this week’s bilge! I haven’t had much time since my last update, as I have moved house (I wouldn’t recommend this activity) and been on Holiday to Ireland (this I would recommend, I love the place).

I have however managed to get a bit of painting done, as well as some modeling. I have had a lot of action from Mr Postman too! (ewww, enough about your deviant behaviour Jono - millest) I have completed painting my Tervigon, my Hive Guard arrived and have been assembled AND I have finally managed to source some Ravener heads that are not £3 each! My wallet has also been busy since my last installment, as I have ordered the aforementioned Hive Guard and Ravener heads, Paulson Games Bone Swords, 19 gaunts (1 box of 12 from Maelstrom and 7 from eBay), the AOBR boxed set and Codex Tyranids. *smug*

I have forgotten just how horrid a big pewter model is to put together! Alas, I think that the Hive Guard models are awesome, so it’s worth it! –Hopefully I should have some progress on them for next week’s update!

So, onto the piccies, as I guess that’s what the majority of you really care about.. My Tervigon, pretty much complete!

I need to base it, but I will be doing this when I get a good batch of gribblies to do, so I can get a production line going!

This model has taken me a LOT of work to get this painted. It may not be pro standard, but I am seriously proud of it, so any critique is welcomed! I may well do a few touch-ups on the giant when I get some time, but as it stands, I am proud to have the reproductive system of my army completed!

Hopefully next week Hive Guard, group shots and a few more completed models! As it stands, I have 3 gaunts and my Tervigon fully completed, with the rest in various stages of base coating.. so that’s 4 of 25 models 100% completed.


Millest's Week 9 Update

OK folks well from me right now I can confirm this week there will be no pictures! First off let me update you on progress. So far everything apart from my Medusa/Griffon is assembled, detailed, based and undercoated and ready to go. I would provide pics but having to use my phone camera means basically you would have a picture of a lot of black blobs, not overly interesting. So with that in mind I haven't included pictures, if anyone (including the other guys) decide for this reason I should convert a dead model as per the rules I am happy to but be warned I may replicate it in life size!!!!!

So to explain why I have no pictures and I'm hacked off, Back at the end of April my camera died, now rather then throw out what to me is a very expensive item I decided to send it to Fuji for repair. Yay, you all say it may be slow but it will be fixed/replaced, well unfortunately not as according to Fuji the camera never arrived! When questioning Royal Fail over this I was repeatedly told that the proof of signature should be up soon, however finally on Wednesday they admitted they do not have a signature for the camera. so I am now down one camera, the cost of one repair and the post of sending said camera. I have had to place a claim with Royal Fail however I was advised that as I don't have the original receipt for the camera (IE a 5 year old receipt) that I will most likely only get refunded/insurance payout for the cost of postage! So if anyone has any advice or information on how best to approach this (can I claim on house insurance - IE contents?) that would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading what amounts to a very poor entry from me and if you decide I should model a casualty let me know.

Challenge No Submission Casualty List

Listed are the number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!
  • Chris - 2 models
  • Jono - 0 Model
  • Dave - 0 Model
As always comments and thoughts are appreciated. Apologies again for the shocking pics normal service will be resumed soon I hope!

Enjoy and see you all next week!

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