Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - An update and news!!!

Hi folks,
I thought as things on the TOTG have been quiet recently I would give you all a brief update on the project. First though thanks to you all for sticking with things so far, the loyalty is greatly appreciated. So now on with the update.

The first that you may or may not be aware of is that things have been delayed, both by real world events and by postal delays, so with that in mind I would like to apologise that unfortunately the 500pt starting forces have now had their completion date moved from the end of May to the end of June. That’s good for all of us and means you guys get more fun right till the end of June, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Secondly all being well TOTG will be changing, TOTG will grow this month with becoming TOFG with a fourth friend joining the mix. This will result in the posts being split to two posts covering two forces each week, therefore representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents…….. I mean, maximizing the postage and giving you the maximum exposure to our work. This means now the forces on the tables should be:
  • Imperial Guard
  • Tau
  • Tyranids
  • Ultramaines/Space Marines (when the models finally arrive)
More details on the Space Marine addition will follow in this weeks update, along with details on the special exceptions we have given. As a result due to the number of gamers and models after the 500 point the posts will move to a bi-weekly posting roster. The format of which is yet to be decided.

So there you have it the futures bright, the futures MMM! So project wise the next year is looking busy both personally and for the TOTG/TOFG team. Our plans at present are looking something like this:
  • complete the 500
  • Expand to 750
  • Expand to 1000
  • Complete a Deathwatch or Single Mini Challenge
  • Expand to 1500
  • Possibly add an Apocolypse formation for the interested parties
Some of the team are considering also working on a 1500 MeQ armies during the year for a separate challenge and will update on that as and when this materialises.

So folks that’s the next few months sorted and hopefully clearer on what will be happening, so hopefully that will be enjoyable for you all.
Thanks and looking forward to your comments.

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