Friday, May 06, 2011

Forge World Newsletter #274 - Eldar Corsair Weapons and Salamanders Pads!!

As always important bits are shown below:

Hi there, Our first release this month is the awesome Salamanders Shoulder Pad set, followed closely by the second of our Eldar Corsair Upgrade kits which can now be pre-ordered ahead of its release date. For those of you attending Games Day France, we also have further details on when you’ll need to place your orders by to guarantee that they’ll be ready and waiting for you at the event.

Salamanders Shoulder Pads available now
An ancient and honoured First Founding Chapter, the Salamanders are renowned for their stoicism, valour, and unyielding defence of the innocent. Being skilled artisans, each Salamander embellishes his wargear himself with ornate displays of individual heraldry, honorific branding and honour markings such as trophies and purity seals.
The Salamanders Shoulder Pads Set, sculpted by Simon Egan, contains ten individual power armour shoulder pads, each bearing the Salamanders Chapter badge alongside other details specific to the Chapter. They are suitable for use with the full range of metal and plastic Games Workshop Space Marine kits as well as Forge World’s resin Space Marine Armour Sets. This upgrade pack is available to order now for immediate release.

Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapons Set available to pre-order
Outcasts from the strict confines of the Craftworlds, Eldar Corsairs live in self-imposed exile. Most are young and adventurous Eldar who will eventually return to their homes older, wiser and tempered by warfare. Some, however, embrace the raider’s life completely and fall further still, becoming ever more bloodthirsty and psychotic, indulging their darkest impulses and eventually seeking out the infamous Dark City.
The Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapons Set is designed for use with the plastic Eldar range. Designed by Will Hayes, this complete resin and plastic kit contains detailed weapons, jump packs and heads that enable Eldar players to convert four plastic Eldar Guardians into Corsairs armed with heavy and special weapons, and can be used with both our currently available Corsair Conversion Set and the wider range of plastic Eldar kits available from Games Workshop. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.
Enjoy, thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The Pads seem a bit rushed - not quite to the quality of some of the other upgrade kits they have done - but that may just be the painting (?). It almost looks a bit third party-ish - like it was intended to help with the Chapter House issue.

The Eldar are again a bit meh - The weapons look a tad bulky compared to what you see across the rest of the range.

Millest said...

seems like im not the only one to think that. All this fun with chapter house could have worked out well for both sides and FW could have produced some high quaility pads but it as you say looks very rushed! still looks like my friend moley might end up with some decent pads after all :)

as for the eldar weapons, too bulky by far, i know their meant to be on the fringes of eldar society (both of them) but they could have looked slicker!

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