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A Tale of Three Gamers - Dan's introduction and Army Background - Week 10

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This weeks first post, yes week 10 will be a week of many many posts, is one where we expand the challenge from A Tale of Three Gamers to a A Tale of Four Gamers (titles and archives will be adjusted accordingly after today. This is Dans first post in which he will be giving a brief introduction about he is and also showcasing the background or fluff we have written for his force. Hopefully youll enjoy this and the expansion this brings to the TOFG challenge. There will also be more updates and progress on the challenge later when timescales and progress are checked.

So enough from me not and here we have the first post from our newest member in what is now "A Tale of Four Gamers", Dan:


So this is my first entry and my intro....I'm Dan and for this challenge I have chosen to take on the Space Marines and the Ultramarines chapter. This is my first forray into the world of 40K in a very very long time. Once upon a time I dabbled a wee bit with my younger brother in the hobby but that was some time ago and my painting and modelling skills were affected by my attention span!

With the recent discount codes available on Maelstrom I have splurged out to get started. First off I purchased a battleforce, which not only being a great way to start also saves a HUGE amount of money!This forms the basis of my 500pt army. Since then I have also ordered a Devestator Squad and a Predator. The Dev squad is for the heavy weapons to use in two tactical squads and the Pred is being lined up for the 750pt challenge.

So first up here is some of the background the guys have helped me map out for my 500 point force

Recon Force Phi
Recon force Phi has been dispatched by Captain Sicarius to investigate the loss of contact with an Ultramarines remote monitoring site near the borders of the expanding Tau empire.

Under the command of Veteran Sergeant Karras, recently returned from a tour with the Deathwatch, the force has become embroiled in the dual encroachment of the Tyranids and the Tau upon Imperial space, and the worlds under the stewardship of the Ultramarines. Due to the increased threat level of multiple xenos incursions, Veteran Sergeant Karras has notified Macragge and has requested reinforcements.

Despite continuing to gather intelligence for the imminent arrival of a full sized strike force, the Ultramarines have been unable to make contact with the planetside Imperial forces, causing their loyalty to be thrown in to doubt...

Finally to round off my first post here is the run down of my list, the exceptions will be explained later:

So folks there you have it the first post from the latest member of the TOTG/TOFG member. So as Dan mentions and I'm sure some of you eagle eyed readers will notice despite us sticking to the 1 HQ and 2 Troops format of the standard force organisation chart Dan doesnt have a HQ. We decided that at this points level for a Marine force the cost of an effective HQ was too phrohibative and decided to allow some leniancy in this, the compramise being that he had to make at least one of the Sergeants a Veteran to show some kind of leadership within the force. It was also felt for fluff reasons it wouldnt be unheard of for a decorated Veteran Sergeant (especially a Deathwatch Veteran) to lead a small recon force rather then assign an Officer or Chaplain etc. Personally I think it works quite well and does appeal to the fluffy nature of most of the forces in this challenge, plus its a good way for Dan to do something a little different with his Smurfs.... I mean Ultramarines.
So I hope your all enjoy what you see and waht Dan can produce and I'm sure you'll all join me in welcoming him to the challenge.

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BdaGamer said...

A very decent starting army for Space Marines. Just following the TOTG and it is a very neat idea. I may steal it for a summer time escalation league to welcome a few new players.

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