Friday, May 27, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers - Week 10-1 - First round of updates!

Dan's Week 10 Update

Hell there everyone,
Time for my first update and progress report. When building the army I started off with the Tactical Squads as these make up the majority of my army. Also I thought that as these were pretty standard models it would be a good start for me. The pics below show my efforts, I've started to paint a couple as you can see but nothing major to show.

Following on from the first Tac squad I decided to step up to the Assault Squad. You might be able to tell that I have model the Sgt to look a bit more of an independent character, due to me not having an HQ as permitted by the rest of the crew. The Sgt is on a 40mm base and I have done some conversion work to make him stand out. I have adorned him with a deathwatch helmet and shoulder pad. On the weapons front I have sculpted a plasma pistol on the back of a combat shield and I have mod'd a force halberd (from a GK sprue I have) and made it into a power halberd. Piccies below of the Assault Squad.

Dave's Week 10 Update
Once again no pictures from me, alas the Camera saga continues, however importantly the fecking things has magically appeared - once I had started a claim against Royal Fail (who would have thought) so it is now in the hands of Fuji who are repairing it as we type i hope. To give an update i have furiously being brass etch applying this week and finishing off undercoating ready. The Medusa is still giving me headaches and I am majorly miffed with the massive holes in it but alas it will be getting somewhere soon. Sorry once again folks and apologies but hope to have pics next week.

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