Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Modelling News - Back to Base-iks?

Hi guys,
just a quick modelling query really as to aesthetics, I've been basing up and detailing this weeks and I've reached a bit of a flat spot in my decision making.
As you all know I plan on basing all my Officers from Command Squads and my Characters on 40mm bases. However this week when basing up my Squad Sergeant's I began to look at them and think "are they too big?". I have decided that the Sergeants for my Veteran squads will get them as I want to make those like little dioramas but I'm concerned about how it looks for the normal Sergeant, is it too bland?
So to give you an idea of what they look like here's a pic (again apologies but the camera still hasn't turned up - more news on that in this weeks TOTG/TOFG):

As you can see the 1st and 2nd Sergeants bases are empty save for them and soon a Servo-Skull, I may add some more rubble or casings but not sure. The Veteran Sergeant looks OK and will have weapons and a Skull on there.

Do you think the 40mm bases work or would the be better suited to a standard 20mm base with the Servo-Skull on them? Do the bases look empty and not worth it or do they rock and would work well once the skull and details are on there? Please help folks as your input is really needed before I paint and any insight would be great.

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