Sunday, November 14, 2010

Imperial Guard updates - Poll Results

Hi folks, its 4.40 am UK time and I'm now over the first hour at work and its not looking like its going to end anytime soon. So whilst the other teams are doing their testing for me I thought now was a great time to update you all on the Imperial Guard vote on the two test models. I promised once the polls closed to reveal all so here goes!

In the polls I asked you which of the following two models was best and which I painted, so as a quick refresher here are the models once again:

I didn't receive too many votes (only five on each poll) but for those of you that voted a big thank you for taking the time, so here are the results of those votes:
So dealing with the first question first, I can reveal that 60% of you thought model 2 was best. so thanks for your honest voting and any feedback on your votes would be great.

The second question asked you which of the two I painted and which of the two the staffer painted, I can now reveal that an amazing 40% of you were right! I painted model 1, the worst of the two models - unfortunately - however I am pleased with the results considering my previous painting 7+ years ago only ever got as far as thick colours and no inks, washes or highlighting.

All in all though I'm happy with the voting results and I'm happy that people did seem to like my work, it can only get better and I can now work with the scheme I have to improve it. Some of the plans for the future involve possibly lightening the grey a tad as at the minute unless the model is in bright light it looks very dark, I also plan at looking on how to tie the vehicles to the force using similar colours and patterns.

Finally any suggestions or assistance on drafting a 1500 point list that could combat Marines, Tau or Eldar would be much appreciated, then I can tailor it to deal with kroot mercs later on

Enjoy folks and hope to have the first completed "teether" squad up soon.



A few folks have emailed me direct or PM'd me on some of the forums I'm on asking about lightening up the fatigues on these guys and why it needs it. Below to help answer that is a picture of the two models taken without a flash and just using the ambient light from a 40w (my arse is it!) energy saver bulb and as you can see the models love extrememly dark:

To me they seem very dark, almost black in this light! I would keep the armour the same shade but would probably like to lighten the fatigues up at least a touch. Any thoughts on that suggestion?

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