Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 19.11.10

Afternoon folks!
this Friday's five finds sees me dipping in to the realms of fantasy and looking in some different directions for me! We also have some amazing 40k work on here, so lets begin:
  1. First up we have an AMAZING Salamanders Land Raider from the desk of Dark Future Games, gives me some interesting ideas for my future forces, lets just hope my skills live up to this awesome work!
  2. Over on the White Scars blog we have some interesting conversions of Land Speeder Typhoons, good idea and looks like they might pan out very well once finish.
  3. On The Quiet Limit Of The World we have some nice looking straight forward Death Company Marines, something that despite being nothing fancy looks awesome.
  4. Zen 40,000 becomes Zen WHFB this week with an update on his rather awesome Skaven war machine, looks good and cant wait to see it with some paint on.
  5. Finally over on Dave Taylor Miniatures we have the start of his Empire Artillery Train, a great looking project and a great inspiration to the fantasy players out there.
And here is your Friday 5 Finds sneak peek:

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