Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hobby News - Stormraven Sneak peek!!! Its finally here!!!

Looks like GW let the cat out of the bag and here is the first look at the new Stormraven model:

OK so there are some serious questions over the origins of the model, is it a kit bash, is it pre production?? No one is quite sure but given its based on studio terrain with the studio BA army my bet is this is the finished and up coming model. certainly looks interesting and cant wait to get hold of one if that's the case! any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is popping up all over the tubes.

It looks a bit meh to me, like the front of a thunderhawk, but then they forgot the back.

Is the dread in the background an old variant - has there always been a left hand power fist??

Millest said...

im intrigued by it but a little disappointed, personally i had pictured the wings etc on this to me more like a marine version of the aquila lander with the eagle wings but i guess the designers went for a more stylised look, still interesting and worth a punt once the guard are done.

the left handed power fist is probably a metal one from the old metal furioso kit that may be bits orderable, or it could be a conversion using some of the FW parts that are availible. hard to tell im afraid as its a bit small. :(

the other Kevin said...

Another example of the GW universe ignoring the laws of physics. Of course, if you apply enough thrust, even a brick can fly. I'm not keen on the design, but will hold off judgement till we see more of it.

Could that be an Ironclad Dreadnought in the background? Those kits have a right side claw arm.

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