Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday 5 Finds - 05.11.10

Here are this weeks Five Finds, no rhyme or reason to them, no theme to them this week just links ive come across in the last week that i like:
  1. Over at My we have an excellent article on reviving and remodelling the Adeptus Arbites using cadians and greenstuff. very nice and a good job of bringing the models back to life.
  2. Master of the Forge has the start of an excellent "Artscale" chaos space marine squad, the parts are in and the first completed model looks awesome.
  3. Massive Voodoo has some of his latest WIP projects, a spectacular nurgle marine and a larger scale saxon warrior, both very drool worthy!
  4. On Chapter of the Iron Skull we have his almost completed Iron Skulls Captain Marcus looking rather clean and swanky.
  5. Finally on Dark Future Games we have an outrageously over the top Salamander Fireborn conversion - its big, its metal and its mental!!
Finally here is this weeks Five Finds Blog sneak peak:


griffit said...

I can't open the first link, redirects me to an oulook web access. ???
is it a wrong link or am I (again) a bit dumb ;o)

Millest said...

yep wrong link, sorry forgot my work email is a bit thick and wont let you copy and paste!

all fixed now
cheers for letting me know

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