Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storm Trooper Specialists - Squad Support Weapon - Conversion Corner

Following on from the Storm Trooper Command Medic next is the latest in my Kasrkin based conversion. This is my heavy weapon gunner for the squad, Heavy Bolter trooper, I intend to tie him in on a senic large base (with two small bases on) with a removable squad buddy.
This model uses a normal Kasrkin model tied in with a slightly modified Space Marine heavy bolter. There are some small modifications to to Heavy Bolter but nothing too major so it still looks like what it is. Using the Heavy bolter in this format was decided as I though if their Inquistion Inducted they are going to have access to the best kit, and what better kit could you want then a Heavy Bolter with suspensor fields. so folks here he is:

Squad Weapons Specialist Kraftig

A little more involved as a conversion but not majorly so. Once I've aquired some FW bits, CoD bits and a large base I should be able to mount this chap up with on a base with Trooper Barare and some ammo crates. Any veiws and thoughts would be great, hopefully once I've had some practice at digital camo painting I'll be able to make a start on this.

Also to answer a few emails, for the names of these Squad troopers I came up with them by sticking some appropriate words in to an english-swedish translator, just gives some extra spice rather then the normal latin names we get in 40k.

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