Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoulder Pad Showdown Part 2 - Time for sorting out Iconography again!

Well folks, second post in a day and second post about shoulder pads! It really is beginning to feel like the 1980's all over, all we need now is to fire up the Quatro and we're sorted!

Well once the vote was repaired and people could vote I'm glad to say a small number did and they reached a decision as to which skull pad to use for my Red Hunters an I am pleased once again to announce that the winner was:

The Ron's Red Hunters Skull Iconography

Once things are back to normal here I will begin the arduous task of creating GS moulds of both this and the Mentor Legion pad to start casting soon.

So thanks to Ron for an excellent pad and thanks to all those that have voted in the poll.

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