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Waaagh! Garaghak is gathering pace across the Forsarr sector. Several of the Imperium¹s worlds have already fallen to the rising green tide of Orks, and now the sector¹s primary hive world has been invaded. Garaghak¹s hordes seem unstoppable, except that the Raven Guard¹s Scouts have discovered a secret behind the Goff Warlord¹s unending warbands ­ - an Ork technical genius called Mek Boss Buzzgob who has created his own factories on the former Imperial refinery world in the Kastorel system.

This book contains a detailed history of the Raid on Kastorel-Novem and the rise of Warlord Garaghak. There is a complete Elysian Drop Troop Imperial Guard army list, including the Vulture gunship, Valkyrie Sky Talon and the Tauros and Tauros Venator rapid assault vehicles. There is also background information on the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter, along with a new special character, Shadow Captain Korvydae. Rules, background and technical details are included for all of the recent Forge World Ork releases.
This book is heavily illustrated with over 50 colour pictures, 60 full colour vehicle profiles, over 30 technical drawings, plus colour profiles for the Elysian Drop Troops, Raven Guard and the Orks of the Goff, Evil Sunz and Death Skullz clans, all to add new depth and detail to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Also included in this book is a folded copy of an A1 Ork poster featuring artwork by Paul Bonner, Sam Lamont and Kenton Mills.

As I'm sure you can already tell I am some what of a Forge world fan so I really had to pick the lastest Forgeworld book up to complete my set, initial thoughts were along the lines of another expensive although impressive book, but was I right?

On arrival i found I was lucky enough once again to have managed to get in early and get one of the 500 signed books that forgeworld do for each new release which cheered me up no end after spending a lot on this book.

Initial impressions were good, a well made book and a really awesome looking poster (that's never going to be wall mounted), the quality of both were great as one would expect given the price of most FW books.

The fluff inside was good but in my mind when compared to the previous offerings from Forgeworld I don't think was of the same level of depth and quality. I appreciate the raid was meant to be a rapid deployment and was meant to show case the orks equipment but within the fluff i don't think that happened to the degree it has previously.

There was some fluff on the Raven Guard but nothing new or overly exciting and the only new info on the Elysians was the new Tauros vehicles (if only they would release a version with cadian crew!) and even then not much about its history etc.

The main protagonists had a lot of new kit that in most cases was briefly mentioned in the fluff section of the book but thankfully did get more background in the rules section of the book.

Overall I guess i was happy with the book as with all FW books the artwork was superb and the modelling and painting ideas are amazing, i was slightly disappointed in the quality of the fluff and the actual size of the book too! Personally with these factors in mind i think the book for once was slightly over priced (what FW stuff isn't but usually with good reason) and really in my eyes should have been £10 cheaper then it actually was.

Either way overall a good (but not amazing) book and one that needs adding to anyone's FW collection.
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