Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Airsoft Armoury - Past Pictures

Hi Folks
Some time ago I promised to post up some pictures of my Airsoft equipment. For those of you not familiar with Airsoft here is a bit of background.

The easiest way to describe it is that it's similar to paintball. Two teams attempt to complete various objectives (such as capture the flag, defend the base, etc.), which invariably end up with them shooting each other. The games are often fast paced but longer lasting then paintball and in most cases tactics are more important and of grater value then in paintball.
The shooting in question is done by Airsoft guns or replicas which use either spring or air power to fire small plastic BB pellets at the opposition. These pellets do not cause any lasting damage, or break the skin (usually). You feel a stinging sensation, but it soon fades. Unlike paintball, these leave no mark (unless you're shot from a very close range) and the game relies on personal honour prevailing in order to keep things running. The guns and equipment used as usually replicas of real world guns, however in some cases there are replicas of some SCI FI guns, such as the M4A1 from Alien, available.

Now that's out of the way I though now would be a good time to show you some of the replicas I own in their past configurations, they are presently being upgraded and having new parts added both internally and externally, I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please ask.

JG G36c - First Configuration
When I originally purchased the JG version of the G36c the only initially work completed was the addition of a mock Silencer, an M4 magwell and the use of M4 Pmags, this allowed me more versatility as it meant i could borrow mags from other players using the more common M4 during protracted fire fights.

JG G36c - Second Configuration
This is the second incarnation of my G36c with pmag, m4 adaptor, Acog red dot and zombie silencer.

The second picture also show it with the thermold M4/armalite mags I have now moved on to using and TM tracer unit.
Once again all the internals are stock apart from a new piston and piston head, considering the short barrel its spot on for range, though accuracy did suffer over the greater distance.

JG G36c - Third Configuration - The Magpul Experiment
At this point the G36c was used for a little bit of experimenting with some of the replica Magpul Industries parts that were available, in this case the Flip up Iron sights and the Magpul VN length 150rd Hi cap magazines. In addition a front grip, a torch and a flat sightless top rail were added.
The G36 looked OK and a bit different but in my mind using the sights and smaller mags was counter productive when give the plan of using the gun in a CQB (close quarter battle) situation means lots of ammo is needed. The sights were sold and the mags have been shelved until I have the cash for my DMR project.

A&K M249 SAW Para Version - First Configuration

My M249 with added Samurai Elcan, at this point its pretty much stock other then a CA hop unit that I don't thing is much better then the standard A&K one and a guarder advanced hop rubber.
The gun at this point was pretty spot on and the bonus was sourcing a cheap-ish small CA cloth mag reduces its overall size and make her easier to wield in CQB games. Also being able to use my M4/Armalite mags makes running her more practical as mags can be borrowed should ammo run out.
That's all the pics of them for now in their various guises. i hope you liked them and any pics please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god Millest.. I hate you, lol.

Not only do you have two models of my favorite rifle, but you have an M249 replica as well.

Good gravy.

Millest said...

thanks mate. must be noted though i only have one g36c at the minute its just gone through a number of conversions!

both it and the m249 are undergoing some cosmetic and internal upgrades as we speak and hopefully by the end of the month i will have pics of them both and my p226 to put up.

cheers and keep reading :D

Admiral Drax said...


Just out of interest, can you always tell when you've been hit through clothes with the BBs?

Millest said...

yep, 99% of the time you feel it (and some times your REALLY feel it) but on the off chance you dont feel it, for example you have a waterproof jacket on or a plate carrier you can hear it hit.
i tihnk ive only had one occasion i didnt feel one and it was at extreme range through lots of clothes!

dont tell me your interested in going :)

Admiral Drax said...

Alas, no.

Even if I were interested, time, wife, baby and travel (from the middle of nowhere) would be prohibitive...but none so much as money.

Still, I do enjoy loosing off a few BBs from my cheap-o pistol in the back garden sometimes, and I'd love to have a play with some of the more hardcore toys like these!

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