Monday, June 28, 2010

Storm Trooper Specialists - Squad Medic - Conversion Corner

Hi Folks
second post of the day, decided now was a good time to show you the first of my Storm Trooper Specialists. I've decided to run my Inquisitional Inducted Imperial Guard with a command sqaud all decked out in Carapace/Storm Trooper Armour to beef them up and make them stand out more from the platoon command squads. My theory being if the officers are that good the Inquisitor will give them the best equipment to stay alive that little longer.
So here is the first of my command squad specialists:

Medic Bota

I know its only a simple conversion thats not quite finished, just need to add a green stuff helix to the right shoulder pad and one to the pouch on the rear but for the most part its finished. I make no apologies for it being so simple as this models true identifying features to make him stand out more as a medic will be in the final paint work, once I get round to it.
Hope you like him and let me know any thoughts you have on him.

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