Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoulder Pad Showdown - Time for sorting out Iconography!

Well folks time for a bit of 80's style shoulder pad action here!
The votes are in, the lines are closed and the decision has been reached on which iconography to use for my mentor legion! I am pleased to announce the winner is:

The Traditional Mentor Legion Iconography
The Traditional Owl design won by a clear margin and I personally am very pleased by that, however the only issue I foresaw with this was that a) I didn't think I could sculpt this and b) I didn't think I could paint this well. With that in mind I took the preemptive steps of speaking to Ron over at the "From The Warp" Blog - the blog can be seen here - about commissioning a pad for me. After seeing his work on his blog I was impressed with it and on discussing the project with him he really appealed to my inner Northerner by having extremely low rates as well. I highly recommend him for quality of work, price and most importantly speed! To show you what I mean here is the pad I had sculpted that I will be using to cast the icon from for other pads:
The picture shows how good the pad is but o be honest it looks even better in real life!
Thanks to Ron for some excellent work and I cant wait to get some bits together to start using it on my conversions!

When I had the pad sculpted I also thought to make the costs more worthwhile and the project more practical for Ron to have an alternative "Master" Skull Pad sculpted for my Red Hunters to cast their chapter icons from. Again Ron surpassed himself and the level of detail was superb.
The pad icon is slightly larger then the one I had initially used in my tests and on talking to Ron it was suggested that this would allow the use of the small brass =I= symbols from Forgeworld on it, which I though was a nice touch, however the problem is I now cant decide which to use!!!

So it is now time for another vote! I would like to know which pad is most preferred by my readers and which would be most suitable for usage on my Red Hunters, so here are the choices:

A - Ron's Sculpted Pad

B - My Green stuff Cast Pad

As usual the voting buttons are on the right hand side in the side bar, please vote and once I have the results I will post them and be able to start casting and modelling using the decided pad.

Later in the week more pics of my Kasrkin Officer conversions and more news on my other ongoing Kasrkin Trooper conversions.

Thanks for reading and please vote

1 comment:

RonSaikowski said...

Love the tunderhammer conversion, that guy has tons of power cables running all over his body.

Good luck with the shoulder pads, it was a nice change to sculpt them and I hope they work out in the end.

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