Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Return.......... after a fashion!

Well Hi folks!

After what seems like an age I'm back! There has been a lot of soul searching and selling of models, components and pretty much all my 40K stuff in favour of my other expensive hobby, Airsoft, but in the end I have decided I like 40k a bit too much!

So now im back and it looks like I'm up to my old painting habits again! With new toys seeming to come out on an almost daily basis it seemed a silly time to step away. So I'm Back and over the coming weeks I hope to get more done on my various armies.

I've decided to go and concentrate on only two armies, I'm planning on completing my Imperial Guard, admittedly they still need a name, but I'm also considering a Red Hunters Space Marine force. The choice for that chapter is that it would tie in nicely for a future Inquisitional force as and when the new codecies (codexes, codexs, books!) come out.

So as a breif wake up to say I'm back and I'm starting again so keep an eye out and we'll see where this takes me.

Have fun folks!

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