Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grey Knights Heroes - Conversion Corner

Its finally here folks, the second update from the weekend. My apologies on the lateness but really life and work caught up with posting and things haven't been completed on time.

This second post concentrates on two simple but good looking conversions of Grey Knights, both conversions are based on the same character from the Grey Knights novel by Ben counter. As a novel the book is the best insight in to the Grey Knights and gives some tantalising hints as to the character a build of the Grey Knights Chapter. To me the most entertaining and interesting hints were those relating to a retired/too old to fight Apothecary and quite Cooley to a Chaplain. both were interesting in the extreme and the idea of a force of Grey Knights led by a Chaplain was too cool for words and I decided that for now was the way forward and an apothecary may follow later.

Chaplain Durendin in Terminator Armour
"The Chaplain wore his enormous suit of Terminator Armour as he always did when he was seeing to the chapter's spiritual health. One arm was painted a glossy black to signify his office as chaplain and the rest was the traditional gunmetal grey. Durendin wore the same pair of ornate lightning claws that had been passed down since the chapter's earliest days."
Page 38, Grey Knights by Ben counter

As you can see an extremely simple conversion that looks quite impressive. The Older metal lightning claws were chosen over the newer plastic claws as I felt they were slightly more ornate and convey the age of the relics the Chaplain is supposed to be armed with.

Chaplain Durendin Power Armour
"Genhain walked behind chaplain Durendin In full black power armour, the face a skull of gun metal grey, Durendin had waled these tunnels many times before."
Page 222, Grey Knights by Ben counter

Simple work again and the use of a similar helmet and the older style lightning claws work well to tie the model to its Terminator armed version.

That's all for now folks, comments and feedback much appreciated and update 3 will becoming soon.

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