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Conversion Corner - Forces of the Librarium!

Hello Folks
Despite not posting much for a few days I've had a very busy few days. Not Content with furiously (well quite reasonable furiously for me!) converting away I've managed a trip or two out to the local Adnams shop for a wine tasting and ended up buying a bottle or 6 of a very nice New Zealand Sav called "Flying Kiwi". So the weekend became a mish-mash of tasting wine (if your in the UK may I suggest logging on to the Adnams website and trying some of their various wines, beers, ciders and foody products - free delivery on orders over £50) and drinking of beer, yet I have still completed a few tasks!

This weekend was a "Warriors of the Warp" weekend for me! I have finally got round to my Librarian conversions and have completed two and a third is awaiting a few finishing touches! Not only have I served the Red Hunters well but I also dug out my old copy of "Grey Knights" by Ben Counter and decided on a few conversions from that.

Finally not to spend too much time concentrating on Librarians and Knights I completed some work on my chapter icon pads to allow me to make a start on the rank and file, well after I've learnt the tricky art of GS moulding icons! Then just to wrap this weekends activity up there are a few pictures of some recently completed Imperial Guard figures to give you a little sneak peak of whats to come!

Due to the size of the pics and the number I will post the Red Hunters first, followed by a second post of the Grey Knights and the finally a third containing the Imperial Guard sneak peaks.

Red Hunters Librarians

Codifier Khorion
Codifier Khorion has served the Red Hunters with distinction for some 108 years, most of that time has been spent in the service of the 5th company, though as with most librarians this attachment is transitory and nominal.
Since his tenure under Inquisitor Tyndale during the Saldana Purges many have noted his increased aptitude in the ways of the warp and despite the loss of the Inquisitor during the Purges this has not adversely impacted the demand in which he finds himself and he and the fifth company are regularly requested for the most difficult campaigns by a growing number of veteran Inquisitors.
Since the Purges Khorion has developed a trait unusually (though not uncommon) amongst librarians and almost exclusively goes in to battle wearing his battle helm. Many Librarians choose to eschew this simple piece of defensive equipment to allow them to better harness the power of the warp, however after Inquisitor Tyndale was lost to a glancing shot to the head Khorion has chosen not to place himself in such a risky position.

Overall I am very please with how this model turned out, the simple green stuff icons have worked well and when combine with the Black Templar robes and helmet, along with the honour pad from the Red Scorpions set, gives a nice and simple Librarian conversion that works well.

Epistolary Rodriguez

Epistolary Rodriguez is currently on assignment with the Deathwatch on the behest of Inquisitor Grunvald after his actions during the boarding of the Ork infested Space Hulk "Dread Orktober" . The Epistolary has shown great aptitude for reading and coercing the minds of the myriad of Xenos races that assail the Imperium of man and is even now receiving further training in how best to improve and apply these skills.

Another relatively simple conversion using just plastic parts, apart from the Grey Knights Nemesis weapon and Deathwatch shoulder pad. Over all I am please with the Green Stuff work, though have noticed two missed parts - the right hand side lightning bot and the "edging" over one lower grieve, though may change this. Whilst the model is pretty static I think the Blood angels head gives a sense of motion or force.

Master Epistolary Haulvarn

Master Haulvarn has served with the Red Hunters for nearly six centuries and has completed numerous secondments to the Deathwatch, as is the way with many Red Hunters Veterans due to their Inquisitional ties.
Haulvarn is best known for his daemon fighting skills, and whilst many of his exploits are classified beyond Epsilon Vermilion level the power of this master of the immaterium cannot be doubted and his position within the chapter shows the mastery and skill he posses. Armed with his master crafted Storm Bolter and Nemesis Force hammer, both gifted by a Captain of the Grey Knights Haulvarn is a whirlwind of destruction and power on the battlefield.

Another conversion I am generally please with, however the skull on the chest really needs more work. I'm also not sure on the helmet so any views and suggestions would be great.

Red Hunters Test Pads
Some quick icon test casts of skulls to use for my Red Hunters logos, I know they need tidying up a little and possibly that the middle one is the best one of the three but what do you think?

Right well, that's update 1 of the weekends work complete.

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