Sunday, May 09, 2010

Marines!!!!!! or "Who the hell are the Red Hunters?"

Right, second update in a day! Its a sign of the Apocalypse!

I've been thinking a lot about this over the last hour or so and I have decided whilst i plan on having a core force of Red Hunters to add some spice to the force I plan on having some marines from the Mentor Legion join the party!

First up though the important thing, who are the Red Hunters? Well there is some good info and images linked here:

In simple though, their a "codex" marine force with strong ties to the Inquisition, hence the use of the Inquisitional =I= in the Chapters heraldry as seen here:

Now as you can see their "just another red marine force" but the whole link to the Inquisition is too good a thing to waste, plus from other sources you get some awesome hints like this:

"The entire Chapter has been known to serve under an Inquisitor Lord on occasion. The few rumours that are heard of the Red Hunters, suggest that they were founded immediately following the Horus Heresy, with the primary mission of hunting down and eliminating the traitor legions. To accomplish this they are assisted by the Inquisition and offer their services to Inquisitors in return. "
This little snippet makes them too good a force to pass up on!

Now to add spice, to break up the colour and just to toss about with I fancy adding in a few Mentor Legion figures. There is more mentor legion information here:
As you can see nice scheme and funky colours, but one question remains! Old Owl Heraldry or New Eagle Heraldry??? Here are some examples:

As you can see very different icons! My plan is to have a few models from this chapter scattered around, mainly in the following forms:

  • An Elite Squad - 5 man veteran squad - all with some pimped kit

  • A figure in the command squad - possibly master of the fleet as an advisor, with some boosted comms etc

  • At least 1 Deathwatch marine in a forthcoming DW squad, or maybe a terminator or two depending on what future rules we get

  • A Body guard (along with a Red Hunter) in my Inquisitors retinue
I'm sure there are more uses i could put them too such as a Scout squad attached to my Imperial Guard to represent a squad of hardened veterans, after all this fluff makes them ideal for that:
"The Elite Cadre of the Mentor Chapter are the most advanced warriors of their kind in the galaxy. It was originally envisaged that the Elite Cadre would perform a number of important semi-military roles, from counter-terror operations to complex undercover missions. They would be capable of dealing with threats outside a normal chapter's field of expertise. This aim has not yet been realized, but the elite Cadre are among the best the Imperium can deploy.
There are two ways Imperial commanders use them on the battlefield when they are loaned to them. First the cadre element may simply be used as a powerful squad, gaining the benefits of their special equipment; alternatively, they may become leaders for other units. The latter is preferred by Imperial Guard commanders as the Elite Cadre make especially good leaders for units of normal warriors."
So I have plenty of ideas to play with and over the next few months I hope I will have the time and money!
Well there are my ideas and thoughts and coming soon will be a poll on what heraldry to use for the Mentors
All the best!

*All pics and info used source via google, if the model is yours let me know and I will post appropriate attribution on the blog!

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