Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Hunter Test Schemes

Evening all!
Just a quick post tonight to show some schemes I've thrown together for my Red Hunters using the Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine Painter.

I have decided to base my Red Hunters on a force drawn from the 5th Company as the Red and Black trim looks rather good and gives me chance to play with a few other colour options! So without Further ado here are the example schemes:

Standard Tactical Marine

Tactical Brother Sergeant

Veteran Tactical Brother Sergeant

Alternative Veteran Tactical Brother Sergeant option

Veteran Assault Brother Sergeant

As you can see some nice schemes and a great tool to use. I haven't included any Devastator, Assault or Command Marines as they are basically similar. Only changes I would make but couldn't in the painter were the outlets on the Assault pack might be made black! I also haven't yet decided how to show Veterans when it comes to helmets, though I may just leave them as standard helmets and just use icons!
So what do you all think of the various examples? All OK or any changes needed before the test model is started?
Have a good one!

Images made using the Bolter and Chainsword Marine painter.
This can be accessed here:

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