Thursday, July 31, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

Good Day All!
Well folks it seems you've all spoken both on the blog and on the posts on my various forums i belong to and the decision is in!
Yes that's right its time to go with scheme B
That's the green armour over the grey/camo gear. However after a week of tediousness at work and some evaluating of spare time, not to mention my sanity, I have unfortunately needed to come to a compromise!
It seems after playing with the test mini again that painting the whole force in the COMPAT will slowly but surely drive me insane! well further insane should i say. So to save my sanity i have decided only Veterans and Storm Troopers will get the COMPAT (and I'm planning a lot of Storm Troopers for this force at a later date) and possible some command squads, such as the company HQ. Tanks will still get the COMPAT style camo I had planned as will Sentinals. The compromise however is that the bog standard Grunts will get a much simpler camo consisting of codex grey with some green folded in for pattern under the green armour.
Whilst nowhere near as spectacular as I had planned i think it will look very cool and once the whole force is assembled will pull the look off perfectly.
Over this weekend I wont be completing any work on the force as other plans are at the fore but come next week the construction will start anew and hopefully by Tuesday I should have the first conversions up for your to see! Though keep your eye out for some pics of my weekend if I get round to taking any. You might all get lucky!!!
Have a great weekend and see you all soon

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