Friday, July 25, 2008

Bell of Lost Souls - Macharian Crusade IC Challenge!

just a little news for you all, the lovely guys over at The Bell of Lost Souls (BOLS) have decided to tie in with the launch of their new campaign pack to hold a little challenge, you to can join the Macharian Crusade Independent Character Challenge!A little bumpf from their site:

With the kickoff of our Macharian Crusade book, its Challenge Time! This challenge goes out to all of our intrepid modelers and 40k narrative gamers out there. Today I introduce the: Macharian Crusade IC Challenge!Your goal is to flip through the Campaign book, talk to your fellow gamers and figure out who you would like to play. Pick an army that really fits in with your play style, your existing collection, or maybe you just love their background. You job is to submit to the BoLS email box (upper right column) the following:
A high quality pic of a single converted and painted Macharian Crusade Independent Character against a white background
A very brief rundown of the bitz used to convert your trooper.After a week or two, we will post the top finalists BoLS receives and put up a poll for you, our dedicated readers to judge.

more info from these guys can be found over on the Bell of Lost Souls

So folks time for you to get your bits box raided and your pdf downloaded and join in the fun and games at BOLS.

Enjoy folks


DISCLAIMER: the Macharian crusade image is the property of BOLs and was designed by them, it is now use with thier permission but is hosted by me to save their bandwidth. I am not in anyway affiliated with the BOLS but I enjoy their work hence the post. Any issues please contact me . Thanks

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