Thursday, July 24, 2008

Children of Men (and mice!)

Right ho folks time to let the cat out of the bag on this one!!

Some of you may know from my many ramblings on DAKKADAKKA that I'm planning something a little special for my Imperial Guard, so lets tell everyone some of the plans now.

As the title of the post suggests it revolves around the movie Children of Men, one of the best films of the last 10 years and without doubt a film containing one of the best military forces ever, a futuristic British Army. So as a little tribute to my favourite films I have decided the troops of my force will all be wearing the camo used in this film, something jokingly referred to as COM-PAT (of which I am lucky enough to have aquired 2 sets) which looks something like this:
Pretty slick eh? I know it looks difficult so any tips as to how to paint it would be appreciated, however i do have one slight problem. Now no bad jokes here please but I've got problems with my Helmet! Its a nice simple one, COM-PAT 0r Olive Drab. So I'm turning to you my readers for some suggestions on this too and will be running a poll on the side of the Blog (and on some of my favourite forums) until Monday evening.

Now for some test pics, I apologise about the quailty of both the photography and of the painting but both were done very quickly, so without further ado here are the contestants:



Now I know the quality is crap but once some of you lovely folks have made some suggestions about getting the scheme down well or at least of a reasonable quility I'm sure they will look pretty awesome! Not to mention I have some seriously cool plans for the Tanks in this force.

So remember folks please vote in my poll or I'll be forced to send these boys round:Enjoy and Come back soon for more fun and games


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