Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Good evening Ladies and Mentalmen!

Welcome to Millest's Mediocre Meanderings "and heres your host, Bob Holness".....

........sorry, sorry, i mean "Heres your Host, Millest!"

Thank you! Welcome everyone, this is where over the coming days I intend to post up little updates on all the projects I'm running. Thats everything from painting little plastic men creating new and scarier Airsoft monstrosities. Of course there will be some randomness along the way, what blog would be complete without it!

So without further ado, Welcome and Enjoy



Anonymous said...

That movie was great...but very disturbing.
Loved the camo.

I think you should go for olive drab for the helmets.

Anonymous said...

Loved the movie too. Very depressing though.

Great camo job.

I think you should go for olive drab helmets.
In the scale, the helmets will just be blotchy with
the camo on them.

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