Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unique units - Time for fun with the 1313th builds

So after a quiet few days and modelling getting back in to a much more real world pace after my week of fury I decided to work on some random units I had floating about. Its mainly rebasing and a small portion of building but hopefully these are some characterful units for you to have a look at.

First up is a squad of Recon Marines from FW as a bit of a fun unit, I have a plan for these but cant bring myself to paint them just yet :)
All the models have had their bolters swapped for pistols and chainswords which might hint to their potential use.

The serg or commander is a MKIV commander based conversion with a simple head swap and the helmet under his arm removed and replaced with a plasma pistol. His partner in this picture is glossy as I managed to squirt superglue all over him :(

Next are my Adeptus Arbites squad, these will probably be run as Scions or a command squad, the models are old (not the 1st version though) but personally I think they have held their own and not aged badly, if only I could get GW to bring these back (along with revamping sisters).

Finally in my lot of unique bits I have the Tech Priest from the old Skullz collectors set. This chap will be used as both an Engineseer and as a character in a force I am planning for the new year (watch this space), he seems very chunky given the latest FW or GW ad mech offerings but for my needs I think he is ideal and wish I could get hold of more of the set to bulk him out in to a unit.

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