Friday, November 13, 2015

Ad Mech Thallax - The 1313th Ogryn detachment proxy

another post on my progress and one which I enjoyed doing a little more than normal.

I personally don't like the ogryn models GW produces, either past or present. So I decided to take a slightly different route and as the 1313th are accompanying an Inquisitor I thought he would have access to some awesome toys so decided to use the Forgeworld Thallax.

I decided to give one of the Thallax a MKIII breacher shield just to mark him out as the Bone'ead upgrade when I run using them as Ogryns, nothing fancy but just think it works really well and adds something to the squad.

the other four (five when the replacement leg arrives) are all in various poses and one is modelled with the beckoning hand so I can use him as a second leader should I split the squad and field them as Ad Mech forces or smaller squads.

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