Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reinforcements inbound - adding HQ elements and Vets to the 1313th

well folks today really is a day of firsts! Gw listens to the fans, I post a second post and I also appear to have done some modelling..... shock horror.

Today was spent either rebasing models to match the new standard I am using for the army or modelling up bits to fill out some of my options, so with out further ado here's what I have been up to.

up first is the yet to be named commander and his basic command squad, some slight conversions and some brass etch as well as new bases.

next up is my command unit extras, a couple of flamers and meltas to give me options and a nice Standard bearer to represent Kell when I decide to run my commander as Creed, hence the impractical power fist.

this is my Kasrkin command squad with the final conversion work done and finally mounted on 32mm secret weapons miniatures urban streets bases to match the rest of the force.

Final HQ squad element is this autocannon team, two plasma gunners and the scanner operator, basic work but just gives me more options should I fancy swapping out models.

next we have two heavy bolters for use with my veterans when I fancy swapping out my lascannons for a more target rich opponent, I like heavy weapons squads as  I like to have them almost acting out a scene and hope that works with these guys.

final models for my veterans are these three melta gunners, as with everything else only modelled up to provide options for me to swap around a bit.

I also dug out my advisors and based them up ready to paint, I love these models and they are some of the very few bare headed models in my force, I love them but I forgot how much of a pain in the arse metal is to work with.

final part of the HQ and Elites for today was this Wyrdvane Psyker squad, not much done to it apart from rebasing but chopping off the tags and little spurs was a pain in the ass.
so that's some of today's work, hope you enjoy and who knows might even get paint on them once everything else is built :)

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