Monday, November 16, 2015

Send in the Heavies - Super Heavy Armour for the 1313th

So once again on to tanks and as promised today is something a little heavier with a whole plethora of super heavy tanks for your delectation!

first up is every ones favourite and go to super heavy the good old reliable Baneblade, still one of my favourite plastic kits from GW.

Next up is my Macharius Vulcan Super Heavy, bought on a whim and not built for ages through fear of how difficult it is I finally did it, and let me tell you it was much easier than I feared. My only annoyance is the autocannons on the front as they are bent and any attempt to straighten them snaps them, does anyone have any alternatives or ideas I could use?

whilst on a roll with the Vulcan I decided I might as well tackle the Vanquisher too, this one was equally as simple to build but needs some serious filling on the rear as there is a 5-6 mm gap between the lower and upper hull, more pics for this once I get round to doing it :)

The Twins in their full glory, and nicely highlighting the colour differences in FW resin, not only between kits but sometimes within a kit!

I also thought I might as well tackle the Crassus whilst at it, and whilst it took more sanding than the others combine I think the final result is worth it, now to find an excuse to use it!

there is also a crassus praetor in the pipline but that needs a tad more work then first thought but she will be joining the ranks soon, once my six russes and more turrets than you can shake a stick at are done.

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Zzzzzz said...

Oooh nice. Esp the Macharius.

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