Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tanks again! - Armour for the 1313th

today sees more building of the 1313th and this time we are on armour, mainly chimera based to start with but other heavier stuff is on the horizon!

First up is the ride for my Inquisitor with a Machinator 248 rear body to make it stand out and some own cast/sculpted details I think this is a nice change to a standard chimera.

speaking of which here are three standard chimeras for if I run an armoured platoon or veterans force, given the chance I would put everything in armour!

Hellhounds next and all are magnatised ready for the various weapons but I am in two minds about this and might just build them stock (not sure on the hull weapon though) and just change the list should I decide to run a different variant.

finally some true heavy support in the form of the Manticore, a nice little model but not one I am really sure will get the attention or use it deserves.


Courtney Hollyoake said...

The Machinator kit is very nice. I've got a few left to build.

Zzzzzz said...

More armour. Always more armour.

I normally put flamers on the hellhounds; I'd not bother on the Manticore as by the time the baddies get there, hoopefully you'll have fired off all the missiles. Chimeras I'd go 50/50 - or if you've got the magnets, you can just choose depending on your plan.

Those Machinators are nice, I might have to get one or three.

Millest said...

Tell you what the 50/50 plan on the four chimeras has legs. Really can't be bothered with magnetising those when I have 6 Russes to get magnatised. Flamers on the hellhounds it is as well. Best dig em back out tomorrow and do that before I change my mind :-)

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