Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Tale of Some Gamers - The 750 Point Army lists

Afternoon Folks,

Well its time for the first update of the new and improved TOTG, first up as you can see the TOTG has now been renamed, from now on it will be the Tale of Some Gamers (TOSG). The reasoning behind this is that some members of the group cant always commit to expansions and this way it allows people to jump in and catch up as an when.

With that in mind the 750 point expansion is starting with two members, Myself and Dan and today I am posting up the recently submitted Army Lists, this is in preperation for starting on the 1st, though I bet Dan has started already, the 250 expansion is due to run til early December where we then hope to have a new challenge.

So sit back and enjoy the lists ready for fluff and pics some time next week:

Dan's 750 Point Army List

Millest's 750 Point Army List
Any feedback on the Lists would be great and thoughts as to how to improve them would be great. More fun and games coming soon folks.

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