Friday, October 14, 2011

Projects Update - Whats on my desk 14.11.10

Hi folks,
unfortunately this week I have been laid up after two small ops, however this time has given the opportunity to think about the blog. Once I got over the shock and interest when copy of Emperor's Will arrived mid week I though it was about time I got more hobby back in the blog. So rather then you lot thinking that now the 500pt challenge is (finally) finished that I'm just sitting on my laurels I intend to do a semi-regular article to let you know what I'm currently working on.

The article will let you know a little rundown on what I'm working on outside of the Guard (as these guys are waiting for the 750 expansion) and it might even give you chance to see some of the upcoming reviews.

With that in mind the current project of note on my desk is the Imperial Strong point box set. I bought this intending to use it as a some spare terrain but its fricking massive! I'm loving the model and everything goes together really well. I'm hoping to get some paint on it this next week but before then I need some Liquid Green stuff to try out and to fill the gaps in the towers - not being mobile I don't know how I'll get some though. Other then that though i am very happy with the day or so progress I have been able to make:

apologies for the phone pic but the camera is in a place I cant access at the moment :( Still this coming week more work on this and hopefully some more reviews and articles for the blog.
Thanks for reading


O'Shashar said...

Hope you are back on your feet soon. Good choice on the Imperial Strong Point, I have always liked the Bastion with it's big line old sight blocking potential though it has caused arguments in our group before with the garrison rules upsetting assault armies.

Millest said...

thanks for that :)

i like it for the blocking options too, plus the amount of models you get actually make it a very good buy from GW for a change. just got to decide what would be best to base the towers on now for some extra definition and modelling fun, 1mm or 2mm plasticard or if theres something else out there that would work as i want to add some milliput dirt etc then any suggestions would be great.

i doubt we'll get to garrisoning the towers yet but im certainly looking forward to that :)

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