Monday, October 03, 2011

Forgeworld Sneak Peeks - Imperial Armour 2nd Ed New Imperial Guard Tanks

Hi Folks,
I'll keep this short as I'm sure you are pretty curious as to what I've found! Basically my IA:A 2nd Ed arrived on Saturday and thumbing threw the pages i came across two new tanks for the guard that are coming up. Below are some pics and hints and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Suffice to say in IA:A 2nd Ed there isn't much new other then some chapter specific variations of the Contemptor for BA and SW, everything else is pretty much replacing old stuff but if you want to know anything just let me know.

The first we have all see is the Macharius Omega, the pic from the book is here:

But as everyone knows this has already featured on the blog so here is a picture of the model we have seen for this:

Next up we have the Crassus Dominus, this is an awesome bit of kit as show by the outline below:

this thing is Hench!!!! it combines one of these:

with three! yes that's right three of these:
Oh yeah and did i mention it can move and fire everything? I think shy of the semi-confirmed Plastic Hydra (my local store manager basically said its on its way and hes not been wrong so far with releases) this has to now be my most wanted tank :)

any thoughts or questions chaps and chapesses?


Brninghalo said...

I liked the look of the Omega when I saw the pic. The data sheet looks like it would be fun. The plasma blastgun is just a great weapon!

The Dominus just sounds AMAZING! I really hope that FW produces a model for it. A conversion could done but seems like would be a headache to work out the logistics for.

One question I had is if they have updated/corrected/fixed/replaced or just overall improved the rules for the Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod? Also, did they make any changes to the Dread Talon formation for Chaos?


Millest said...

the drop pod only has a new note in they type section, previously it stated vehicle flyer, now states vehicle (skimmer, special*) (flyer, hover mode in apoc games) other then that its an identical entry.

The dread talon formation is also unchanged with no new rules

sorry :(

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